UI/UX, Infotainment Design


Sophi is a conceptual smart infotainment system for your car that learns your driving preferences over time. This was a group project in my Mechanical Engineering class (ME110) at UC Berkeley sponsored by GM (General Motors).

Driver "Profiles"

One of the features that makes Sophi stand out amongst typical infotainment systems is the ability to create a driver profile. This enables you to set certain configurations that make driving more comfortable for you.

A common use case would be family members sharing cars; in the above prototype, Michelle and her son Vincent have separate driver profiles. Michelle has very different driving configurations than Vincent does. She needs the seat much closer to the wheel, likes to listen to NPR Radio, and keeps her car at room temperature.

On the other hand, Vincent needs the seat farther back, listens to loud music from his Spotify, and likes to blast the AC. Sophi can accommodate for both Michelle and Vincent through the "profiles" feature.

Mobile Application

Sophi comes with a mobile application that lets you control your settings from your smart phone. You can preset everything before you even open your car door.

Over time, Sophi will learn these configurations to deliver smart suggestions for navigation, climate control, audio, and seat settings.

I designed the UI and UX for both the car console and the mobile application. I used Illustrator to design wireframes and InVision to make a live prototype.

At the end of the class, we presented our projects to GM managers and our professors. Below is a poster I designed to give a brief explanation of our project and shed light on our design process.


1. UI/UX isn't limited to just web or mobile devices.
2. Balancing virtual UI and physical UI is crucial.