Symbolism and Personas

Rugged is a fabricated shampoo brand for Sierra Nevada. This project was for the CMYK Designathon, a UC Berkeley design competition hosted by Innovative Design. To visualize our team's brand concept, I designed this logo that I pen-tooled in Illustrator.

Inside the logo, I incorporated nature's most literally "rugged" elements: mountains and rocks. I wanted these elements to symbolize the values that Rugged upholds (adventure, risk, strength). Since Sierra Nevada's target audience is men, we wanted our shampoo to cater to men. More specifically, adventurous and outdoorsy men, kind of like this guy:

This "persona" acted as the deciding factor at many points during our process: when we were deciding what type of packaging to use, when we were thinking of different flavor profiles, etc.

Lastly, one of my team members created a product website for our shampoo that creates a call-to-action for interested customers.

After working for about 3 hours, all of the teams pitched their projects in front of a judge panel of professional designers. Our team ended up with 1st Place and Best Use of Lettering.


1. Design for someone other than yourself.
2. Be ready to back up your design decisions.