Technology Market Trends


Translating Data into Design

During my internship at Sencha, I had the opportunity to design an infographic using Forrester survey data about application development market trends. You can view a blog post about it online here.

I looked at various data including app success rates, barriers to development, and most common areas of budget overruns. I wanted to visually represent the data in order to make it easier for readers to understand the significance of these market trends and the relevance to their own projects if they use Sencha's software.

At one point during this project, I got tired of staring at a computer screen and instead printed out the infographic to physically lay out it out. It helped out a lot, and our manager was easily able to scribble his feedback into the margins.

This is my co-intern Andrew and a printed version of the infographic that was put up in the front of the Sencha office!


1. Design for understanding.
2. Printing it out can break a design block.