Grace Noh

Design and Coffee Enthusiast

The Intersection of Design and Coffee

Hi there! My name is Grace Noh and I am a designer. I am currently pursuing my own course of study around Technology, Culture and Cognition at UC Berkeley. As you can tell from my portfolio, design is one of my greatest passions. And as you can probably tell from my picture, another one of my passions is coffee.

I can't say that I am a fantastic barista, but I do brew my own coffee from time to time. When I first started off, I would made some pretty horrible coffee (my apartment mates can attest to that). It was only after continual experimenting and tweaking small measurements that I managed to pull off decent to pretty good cups of coffee.

The Process

I quickly realized the process was the key to a brewing a good 'ol cup of Joe. I would isolate variables such as water temperature and bean coarseness to determine what to correct the next time I brewed. I looked up online tutorials about coffee brewing methods, and tried to echo the preciseness that professional baristas achieved in their cups of coffee. If I hadn't iterated on my process, I would still be making horrible coffee to this very day.

Similarly for design, the process is where I learn the most and reflect upon for future improvement. You will find that a lot of my portfolio pieces include initial sketches to shed some light on the process I went through to build the final product.

I'm continuously learning every day: from classes, from side design projects, from internships and even from my students in the introductory Illustrator and Photoshop course I teach at Berkeley.

Other random facts about me - I performed once at a cafe with one of my best friends:

I collect miniature lego figurines called Nanoblocks:

And I adore my two cats, Miumiu and Toothless:

I'm always looking to improve, so feel free to send me an email through my Contact Page if you want to offer any feedback on my projects!